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Welcome !

Welcome !

You are about to enter the magical and wonderful world of Me, Milady, also called Guru-sama by some of my followers (for I created my own sect, my megalomania knows no limits)... In this marvelous world you will find lots of stuff . I write about pretty much anything ...books, tv shows, music, etc...

I dont like introducing myself. I’ve been doing it many times and  I never once had something interesting to say so I decided that this time I’d just skip introductions (I'll probably end up writing about me all the time anyway).  But I will say a few words about this lj. 

First of all it’s open to basically everyone and anyone. If you’re interested and have nothing else to do please feel free to leave comments, I’ll answer them and be glad to, I love talking to people. But don’t feel like you have to leave comments either. It’s entirely up to you. Just know that I welcome all people and all opinions.

 Secondly, this lj is all about my point of views on different things. You’ll find no download links, just pictures and streaming videos. I usually write a lot and I always try to make it entertaining, whether I succeed or not is up to you to decide. But please do not feel offended by my posts. My texts are just expression of my personal thoughts and are not meant to offend or convince anyone. It’s just something fun for me to write and, hopefully, something fun for you to read.

 Thirdly, I might not always post regularly. I have my French blog to take care of (yeah I’m French, which is why I’m making all those awful mistakes) and I basically have to live….well…I’m pretending anyway.

 That’s about it I guess….so enjoy, ne?  That’s the most important part!


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Hi ~

Since I'll be moving out tomorrow, I probably won't have time to be on lj for a while.... depends on how quick they can install the internet on my new apartment... anyway so that you won't be sad while I'm gone -yes I AM talking to you, you non-existant reader è.é- I'm gonna leave you with a video I made for Akanishi Jin's movie BANDAGE. It's actually one month old but I totally forgot to post it here. So here you go!
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Epik 2

Disney is <3

Today I thought I'd share some drawings with you ^-^
You know it's not like I have stuff to move out and an apartment to prepare...oh wait, I do?Oh okay then...still, some drawings. And these are drawing of "what if Disney's characters were turned into female clothing?". ..; I think I already showed you the Alice in Neverland ones so
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Hope you like them :) If you have any comments please don't hesitate :p
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(no subject)

God I can't believe I'm actually posting something here. It's been suuuuch a long time!!!! I've had so many things to do, I never had time to write anything here and I feel it's such a shame.... but I've been seriously busy, trying to find a job and a place to live for next year, planning stuff, writing a lot...went to a Kpop concert *O* watched lots of stuff but still not enought. Anyway since it's 02:44 here I'm not gonna write too much and just post videos I made but I'm not dead and I really want to make a come back soon!

CITY HUNTER (Kdrama, ep 1 to 11/10)
Song: LATIKA's THEME (from Slumdog Millionaire)
To: Laureline

(ep 1 to 4)
Song: I WANT YOU BAD (Green Day)

Random Korean idols dancing and being hot

Song: JLG - Beat again

Epik 2

And even more drawings

Hi guys ^-^

Got no time to write, sorry :'( But I thought I'd post a few drawings just to say: hey, I'm not dead yet! -yet-.
I'pm actually quite fine except for the fact that my stomach is really hurting right now...But you don't really care :) Anyway I need to make a come back if only for ma Bunny <3 So here are some drawings and yep, still alive!
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Epik 2

Mila in Japan I - I - Before Leaving

Mila in Japan




Before leaving


Okay I’ve already left, so what ? I actually wrote this a week ago, I’m just translating now, thinking maybe it’ll interest someone cause I have a few things to say and they might be of some interest to people since, as you probably guessed, I didn’t wake up one day thinking “okay, I’m going to Tokyo now!

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Epik 2

Going away

Quick message: I'm sorry I haven't been updating these days, I've been busy preparing my journey. I'll be leaving today for Paris and won't have the internet there. Then I'll go to Tokyo on the 20th. When I have internet again, I'll give news ^-^

Also: I've sent an e-mail to all the friends who asked to be put on the "japan newsletter". If you haven"t received it, send me another email at milady.chan@gmail.com , it's probably just that I messed up ^^"
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(no subject)


Fashion 70’s

패션 70's


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This Korean dorama aired in 2005 and is 28 episodes long (don’t let it stop you though, I never got bored even for one second)

The dorama first takes place during the Korean war. Four children are living this war. Jun Hee is from a wealthy family and is pretty carefree. Kang Hee lives with just her mother and they have to steal to make a living. Dong Young is the son of a general and only wants his dad to be proud of him. Peen just travels with her mom, a fashion designer who organizes fashions shows throughout the country, but he’s having a hard time because of his bad relationship with her. The war’s raging and those children’s paths are about to cross. (This summary only includes the first episodes but I’m trying not to spoil anything for you)



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